email buddy, instant messaging pal, culture exchange 🙂

Name: Rene
Gender: female
Age: 21
Location: Indonesia

Likes: dancing, musicals, going to the movies, animation (pixar !!!), journalling, covering Kpop dances, discovering good indie music, eating good food

Dislikes: anti-lgbt, overly sensitive people

  • Music: fall out boy, phum viphurit, movie soundtracks (call me by your name, disney), jazz cafe music. i listen to pretty much any genre
  • TV Shows: gossip girl, Brooklyn 99 (michael schur’s sitcoms are the f. best), bobs burgers, American Horror Story

Pen Pal Requirements:

  • I’m cool with facetiming
  • Any gender, sexuality, race, religion, etc
  • only message my if you respect my likes + dislikes

instagram: @renegrinaldi

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