Looking for a pen pal 18+


My name is Courtney, I’m 22, and I live in the US! I’m looking for a consistent long term pen pal (snail mail, emailing, etc) who’s over 18 and is good with conversations, sharing interests, etc. and someone I can develop a friendship with. I’ve recently experienced several tragedies in my life including the death of my brother, my dad, and both my grandparents. I would love a pen pal who is able to handle grief and can provide comforting words during the hard days.
I’m a HUGE movie person so if you are too, that’s a plus, but if not, that’s okay too. I always have some movie recommendations and am always up for taking some too. I work in the film industry in Georgia.
I’m gay, and also love Harry Potter, traveling, food, dance, and connecting with other people. Message me on my tumblr to get to know me more! 🙂

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