hey i’m Leni, 19 and from Finland! 

i speak Finnish and English fluently

i’m looking for someone who would like to exchange letters with me because i like sharing stickers and doodles and stuff like that!! but online messaging is also okay 😀 you can be any gender, any sexuality from any location but i would prefer if you’re around 16-22 years old!


  • movies: labyrinth, clueless, freaky friday, lotr, harry potter, ghibli movies, disney movies, laika movies
  • shows: stranger things, adventure time, gravity falls, futurama, modern family
  • music: kpop (bts and the boyz mainly), japanese music (sekai no owari, galileo galilei, boku no lyric no bouyomi, gesu no kiwami otome, radwimps), indie, rap and sometimes rock/metal
  • other stuff: frogs, cats, stickers, flowers, tea, pompompurin, moomin, plushies


  • racists, homophobes, transphobes, weeaboos, koreaboos and just overall mean and ignorant people

a little fact about me: i collect old my little pony figures and other toys from my childhood!!

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you can contact me here:
email: hobihoni @ gmail . com
kakaotalk: @hobihoni

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