Hello, I’m Chris, I’m 18. I’m from Virginia so it’d be great to find someone nearby or at least in my timezone, but really anywhere is fine. Please be between 16-20, that’s really who I feel comfortable talking to. 

I’m hoping to start college in the fall, with one of those 5 year elementary education tracks. I listen to lots of music and musicals… I love art, especially photography, so if you’re in the RVA area,let me know, I love the practice. I’m super awkward at first but don’t worry it’ll get better… Should probably mention that I do have chronic migraines that get worse with seasonal spring allergies so replies from me may be spotty at the moment, you’ll probably hear from me a million times in one day and then not again for a couple days. If that’s something you’re okay with definitely come talk to me!

Instagram or email are probably the best places to contact me

Instagram: @photosbycje


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