Pal for life?


Hey guys,
It‘s pretty hard finding people to become friends with in this world. Most ghosting after a couple mails before you get to know each other. It‘s pretty sad so I am looking for a true friend out there. I am still having my pals from school years but I want a gay friend to talk.
Ok. Here is what you get.

40 years old German (really? Yes. That old. I need to say I do not look that old nor I feel it 🙂

I am pretty down to earth, settled after buying a house a year ago.

Partnered for almost 10 years ( oh my gosh)

I love sarcasm and black humor.
I am always on time as a good German is 🙂
I love to make fun if people
I am honest and say what I think
I hate politics and history
I love to talk about life, good and bad times
I am having a helping syndrome:)))
I love sex
I love animals
I am not good with religions
People say I am handsome (these are all the non honest bloody liars ?
I love to travel -latest destinations: Iceland, Italy, USA

You wanna give it a try? Age doesnt matter if you are an adult :))) No other restrictions from my side.

Drop me a line guys and we take it from there…

April 2, 2018

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