my name is blue ✨ i’m 19 years old & i currently live in virginia, usa. i’m a taurus

i love to travel when i can! graduated high school & took a gap year to travel with my dad to saudi arabia & china earlier this year (2018) because of that, i have so many stories to share!

i like to read when i have time and writing has always been a passion of mine, but motivation is hard to come by these days so i’m hoping sending letters to a pen pal will respark that passion of mine ✨ i used to dabble in ink painting, have a few pieces lying around & i plan on creating more when i’m able to. i’m a big animal lover which is what prompted my choice to become vegan ?

i speak english, as well as spanish and arabic, but i understand those two more more so i wouldn’t say i’m fluent in them. my dads from saudi arabia & my mom’s from mexico so i am mixed 🙂

my tumblr is @qurfue & instagram is @toeffu ! i use those two socials the most
send me a message if you’re looking for a pen pal ✨ hope to hear from you soon

i don’t have a set definition of a “perfect” pen pal, i’m just looking to find someone who is eager as i am to create art in whatever form there is! i love relating so i hope they have similar interests as i do, as well as other interests i may not have. i would say i have a lot of creative energy so i’m very much open to adopting new forms of creativity!

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