Hey hey!! Any friends!!! 😀

Hey hey, my name is Karla, I’m 18 years old and I’m from USA! I’m honestly just looking for friends to talk to since I don’t have much friends in real life since they’re all in college 🙁 I am studying cake decorating and small pastry on the side. I love love love food! I am into almost anything and open minded about everything. I love watching Anime on my free time, if I’m not watching any then I’m looking at memes! I do love Japan with all my heart ? I went last spring and hoping to go next summer. Uhhh I don’t know what else to say.. I do love animals, I have 3 dogs and a dwarf hotot rabbit. Oh I do speak English and Spanish, I’m in the process of learning japanese. I’m open to talking to anyone, I have no age requirement or preference, just want a friend to talk to and learn about them. I’m caring and I like to think I’m funny but I mean ??‍♀️ My music taste is very open, I’m into indie, EDM, Trap, Spanish, norteñas, guapango, etc. I’m all around! If you’d like to talk just message me through Tumblr or at my email

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