My name is Heidi and I am 21, living in the states. Currently want a pen pal to exchange snail mail with, particularly something long term. I prefer someone in another country because I want to learn about another culture and language. Things I like:

Art, Bedroom Pop Music, Stories, Superstitions, Food, Movies, History, Pets, Clothes, Fashion, Makeup, Life Experiences, Travel, Video Editing, Photo Editing, Writing, Singing, Dancing….I’m pretty average. 

Currently taking a break from college, living with my sister and our dudes, trying to get a grip on life. I’m very open minded and want to learn about your life and things you love, hoping to find inspiration and someone to connect with. 

I prefer to be contacted via my Instagram account “MakeShiftHunny” or you could message me by my Tumblr

I made my Tumblr page to find a pen pal so I won’t be on there often! 

Lets exchange stories!! Love you! -Heidi

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