Hello everyone!

Name: Dana
Age: 19
Location: USA 
Zodiac: Aquarius
Favorite color: pink
Favorite animal: rabbits 
Favorite food: sushi 


  • My main interest is my rabbit, Obi! But I also love all other animals as well. I run a pink aesthetic blog here on tumblr.
  • I love taking Polaroid photos, drawing little doodles, pretty stationary, and my boyfriend and friends. 
  • I would really love to start doing snail mail with someone as I just ordered a ton of pretty stationary. In a letter from me, you could expect stickers, pretty polaroids, maybe some pressed flowers, doodles, and maybe a poem!

I am looking for:

  • a snail-mail pal! 
  • Between 17-23 years old
  • someone who loves animals too! 
  • preferably also in the U.S. since I can’t pay much for postage, but Canada would be fine, too! 
  • online buds is ok too, but I want to start sending letters right away!!

I am not looking for:

  • anything romantic 
  • to send a letter and never get a reply 
  • anything flirty or sexual
  • someone to joke about eating/killing rabbits (it happens a lot. Please don’t bother I’ve heard it before.) 
  • someone sexist
  • someone very political (I don’t want to talk about trump/politics/any of that)

You can contact me:
Go ahead and message me there! My email has my last name in it so I’d rather not give it out.

I look forward to hearing from you!

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