| Dani | 16 | Australia |

About me: I’m a bit on the shy side when I first meet people but with the people I’m close with the loudest of the group. I’ve been riding horses for the past 7-8 years I think and have been leasing a horse for the past year and a half. Also writing this it appears I’m not great at writing about myself. I’m currently obsessed with the two movies love Simon (what’s inspired me to want a pen pal) and Everything Everything, being purely coincidentally that they are both featuring Nick Robinson. Being sixteen years old in Australia I’m currently learning to drive and it’s a lot more scary than expected. I’ve recently grow apart from my former best friend which is leaving me wanting someone to talk to about things. I also really love a good meme and am always more than happy to see photos of your dogs or even just your pets in general.  My favourite TV shows are currently Once upon a time and New Girl but I have also watched a large variety of shows. My all-time favourite singer is Troye Sivan and my current favourite song is let my baby stay by Mac DeMarco. 

  • Likes: horse riding, make up, Music, cute dog pictures, youtube, conspiracy theories, 
  • Dislikes:  people not sending me pictures of their dogs, school (duh).

I’m looking for: an instant messaging friend, email buddy or Tumblr messaging buddy. Preferable between the age of 15-18, I don’t mind anything else besides that as long as you can try keep a convocation running (saying that I’ll try my hardest to as well cause I’m not the greatest at it).

tumblr :
Gmail:  dani.demacrm @ gmail .com 

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