Hey, kinda just looking for a pen pal basically anywhere. My name is Quinn I’m 18 and from the US.

I’m a huge nerd and start college in the fall. I plan on majoring in history and english. I’m a huge writer and love writing when I don’t have writers block. I listen to a lot of music and musicals. I’m sorta awkward at first but once I get to know you, I tend to open up more. I’m also a transguy and queer. Also I tend to read a lot and have slowly begun to love poetry. 

I tend to watch Netflix and Youtube when I get the chance. I watch Shane Dawson, Buzzfeed Unsolved, Dan and Phil, Miles Mckenna, etc… I also watch some anime, Voltron (just started watching it anyway), Sherlock, Harry Potter, etc..

So if you’d like to talk, I really kinda wanna have an email pen pal and if we get close I’ll give my social media to that person so….

Email: threelightslit.fourthonesout@gmail.com

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