I don’t know why I gave this a title, but I did and now I must face the consequences


My name’s Tyas, and I’m 20 years old. I’m a Dutch guy. My topics of interest are music, history, philosophical and social subjects, religion and science (mostly outer space), but it’s cool to talk about anything (if you’ve got some crazy conspiracy theory, I’d be more than willing to hear you out). I’ve got an unhealthy obsession for bands/artists like The Strokes, Radiohead, Ghost, Queens Of The Stone Age, The Doors, Thin Lizzy and Mac Demarco.

I’d say my humour is kinda sarcastic/dry (dark? maybe? idk). I don’t know why I mentioned this, but uh… yeah. I suppose it’s sort of important? I mean, if you’re talking to somebody there’s bound to be some sort of humoristic part taking place during the conversation.


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You can hit me up at:, or my tumblr which is a piece of stinking garbage, I don’t even know how to make contact with people on this site plz help me:

Aight, greetzzzzzzzz

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