Hello earthlings (and things not of this world)

My name’s Athalee, I’m 18, from the United States, and I squint my eyes way too much when I smile.

I spend a ton of my time watching Netflix and B-List movies (Where’s the Money?, The Babysitter, Little Evil, etc.) If I’m not watching a low-grade cheesy movie or a documentary, I’m more than likely watching NUMB3RS, The X-Files, Trailer Park Boys, The Office, Death Note, or Grey’s Anatomy. If I’m not watching any of those…then I’m probably out in corn field with a tin foil hat trying to communicate to those that don’t identify as earthlings.


I only do that when it’s raining.

  • I like to read a lot, but I’m a fairly new reader. It’s only something that I picked up when I came to college (so, like, 7 months ago). I’ve found that I’m really into sci-fi (no surprise there), horror, and realistic fiction novels. 
  • I’m a freshman in college and I’m working towards a degree in Psychology. In college, I’ve learned that I tend to play more Monopoly and listen to old records more than I do any actual work for my classes (I also eat way too much Taco Bell, Dairy Queen, and pizza). Sometimes I write short stories or poetry, go on hikes (or just go outside in general), go to local thrift stores, take landscape photos, make tea, color insane amounts of coloring pages, or look at memes. 
  • Let’s see…I also play piano, guitar, and ukulele. I’m studying French to complete my foreign credit requirements, but I’m not fluent in it (it would be super amazing if you could help me learn French, but it’s NOT a requirement to contact me). 
  • Fun Fact: I had a pet raccoon when I was 9. 

Preferences on those that wish to contact me: be a decent human, please. 

Sooooo, yeah! i guess that’s all I have for you! Feel free to contact me in any of the ways below:

E-Mail: the princess isnt here @ gmail . com 

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