Hey! My name is Lanie.

I am 17 years old and live in Texas, USA. I’m a junior in high school about to be a senior. I’m very girly and my zodiac sign is Capricorn. I am also an ambivert, I may be shy but once I know you I’m a lot more open with myself. 

I have interests in:

History: I LOVE modern history and I’m open to hear your perspective on certain events.

Fashion: I want to study fashion merchandising and I LOVE vintage, modern, and couture fashion.

Writing: Surprise! I’m a fan fiction writer. I’m in a few anime fandoms but I also like writing my own modern type stories. 

I also have other interests in conspiracy theories, stationary, dance (specifically contemp/jazz) and I think i’m getting into nature?

I prefer a penpal not in the USA because I’m interested on how life is spent abroad and for safety I prefer someone who’s below 20. My only option is online pen palling at the moment but hopefully I can snail mail soon 🙂

If your interested please right back! I hope to start soon 🙂

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