(Ignore the fact that it’s my prom dress)

My name’s Amada, but I go by a variety of nicknames that were lovingly given to me by friends (the most popular one so far being Shameeda). I’m seventeen, pansexual, and I live in Texas. I really enjoy music and historical fiction; I occasionally dabble in realistic fiction, but aside from a few books I wouldn’t touch it with a 30 ft pole.

I make it a hobby of mine to listen to at least one random musical that I’ve heard of a month. This month was A Very Potter Sequel, last month was re-listening to Carrie the musical, and January was Legally Blonde and The Great Comet of 1812.

I’m extremely adept at procrastinating and can usually be found doing homework until two in the morning.

My tumblr is regretful-reqiuem, my snapchat is trash4life4ever (don’t be surprised when Shamada Is Done tm pops up), and my instagram is shameldathelamest. I don’t like using my email, but for those who are more comfortable with that it’s

My ideal penpal is literally anyone, I’m not picky at all. I love making new friends and making people laugh and feel good about themselves! Just talk to me; I’m awkward, not shy! (Insert usual no homophobes/racists/transphobes/etc., etc.)

March 19, 2018

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