Name: Dalia or Dolly

Age: 25

Location: CA, USA

Looking for: ANYONE FROM ANYWHERE (Yes I do international mail bruh) 18 and up! If you’re younger and would like to connect feel free to message me privately on tumblr and we can possibly work something out.

About me: Heyyyyyyyyy guys whats up, I used to pen pal a while ago and randomly stopped and well.. hell! I miss it so I am trying it back again. I work at a luxury retail company in my town and I am looking for a snail mail/ package buddy who is artsy craft crazy like I am, to talk to in my free time.

Let me explain.

I’m a very creative person and I LIVE OFF OF getting little artsy craft thingies from my friends and pen pals. So photo / post card / doodle exchanges. I also will send stories and poetry too. Or basically anything that can fit in a send-able box. I prefer physical mail so if that’s not your thing, like I said message me and we can work something out! I would appreciate if you guys kept an open mind about this and only message me if you’re determined to keep in contact and build a friendship. Honestly, I’m tired of people saying they will be my pen pal and just cut me off after like the 4-7th letter because they’re not in the mood to try or just get bored of where the conversation is going.

  • Anyways, my interests are all over the spectrum so im sure if we start chatting you’ll find some similarities between me and you.
  • But you gotta talk to me first or you’ll never find out!
  • Dislikes: bacon and spiders.
  • Random Fact: I met Ashton Kutcher once when I used to be a Restaurant Hostess many moons ago- he’s super tall and a big goofball.

Email: xforever.blooming @ gmail . com
Insta: @starrygazings

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