Hello / Bonjour!

My name’s Scarlet but I go by my middle name Éveline mostly. I’m 17 and I speak English and French and live in Southern California, but I’m from England (so I still have the groovy accent ;))
I’m really open minded and will listen to ya anytime about pretty much anything! (Unless, ya know, you’re a bigot…)

I’m kind of kooky, I’m super into the more mysterious side of life and love to adventure, read, and casually summon spirits ya know.

I’m always carrying crystals in my pockets so I might make a jangling noise when I walk.

I’ll have super long conversations about pretty much anything but some of my interests are:
– philosophy
– psychology
– esoteric stuff
– life after death?¿
– paranormal experiences
– language
– books (The Stranger by Albert Camus is my all time favourite book)

Some people say I can be a bit intimidating but once ya get to know me I’m a big coffee addicted softy,
Much love!

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