Pen Pals?


Hey everyone!

My name is Elizabeth and I’m looking for a pen pal! A lot of my friends have them and it seems really cool, so why not try it out?

Some cool-ish things about me:
I’m 20 years old.
I’m an English major in my sophomore year in college.
I’m from Tennessee, USA but go to school in Kentucky, USA. I’m currently studying abroad in France but will be back to the states in December.
I have a really cute dog named Abraham.
I enjoy playing outside (I.e. kayaking, backpacking, hiking, boating etc.) I love music and want to open my own record label one day. I love to read (English major lol). And to finish, I love traveling and experiencing new things!!

I’m looking for someone to chat about life with, exchange cool stories from our everyday lives, and just build a really great friendship. I’m really laid back and open minded, so I’m open to anything.

I’d prefer email with the occasional snail mail ( once we get to know each other better obviously ). So, yeah that’s me!! Be my pen pal, I promise you won’t regret it!! (I have a crazy life so it’s always a good time to hear the stories lol)


Looking forward to all the possibilities 🙂

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