Art/Snail Mail Pal


Hey everyone! I have a few snail mail penpals, but those long letters take a while to get back and forth. I’m looking for some people who would be interested in more of “quick” snail mail: such as sending bits of art, homemade things, poems, coloring pages, just a postcard, etc. here and there to brighten your mailbox!
Some of examples of things I like to send:
–polymer clay creatures/shapes that I make
–pages from my favorite coloring books
–lists or quick questions to respond to
–stickers or doodles
–a postcard or pictures of where I’m from or where I’ve been
–passages from a favorite book

Interests: I love lots of things, and will be excited about anything someone else wants to share with me, but some examples are: animals (especially dogs!), Books, supernatural, anything creepy or spooky, abandoned places, camping, sticker collecting, rock hunting, and art projects. A few other random but possibly important things about me: I’m 25, a recent vet tech grad, atheist that is well tolerant and asks for the same, oh and my name is Amanda 🙂

If you would be interested in something like this, please send me an email!


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