Throwing the line into the great abyss. Looking for a penpal.

Nickname: Sèva (real name given after time)

Age: 24 ♈️

Country: USA

Gender : Soul in ?

Sexuality: Panromantic Demisexual

Race: Apache Native/Spaniard/Irish

Religion : Mixture between Native Spirituality and Buddhism

Interests : Music • History • Musicals • Cats • Equality for all • Learning about cultures, religions and languages • Space • Food • Steven Universe • Books • Bodies of water • Nature in general • a thousand other things I can’t pinpoint atm

Age: 20 – 30 Any or no gender
Location: The UK, Canada, Japan and/or any country (I love learning about other cultures)

Hi, I’m Sèva! I’m just coming back to tumblr because I missed it too much. I used to have penpals a few years ago but they all eventually stopped replying. I’d like to have a penpal who’s interested in sending legit letters and things through the mail and who’d like to receive and give little gifts and tokens to each other. I’m really, really shy so writing this is actually kind of out of my norm. I think I’m okay but I know I would like to become more outgoing than I am today.

I’m very heavily influenced by my Native American blood, so someone who is accepting of all people, kind to the Earth and respectful towards others would be amazing. I’m not interested in talking to racists, homophobs, transphobs, sexists, religiously domineering/arrogant/ignorant or anyone who thinks they own the land that made them.

I’m honestly a bit much for some people and that’s okay. I’m just blunt and honest but generally a very happy go-lucky kind of person. I’m just hoping to find someone who wants the same kind of vibe in their life too. I have three adorable cat fur “children”, a darling companion cat, a really amazing and supportive husband. I’m a artisanal baker by trade and a poet/artist by passion.


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