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Name:  David

Age: 25 (silently sheds a tear)

Gender: Male

Ethnicity: Black British (African)

Location:  A wooden bed in England

Body type: Way too skinny

Smokes: No

Drinks: Rarely

Religion: Christian

Education: University degree, but did it really help though?

Pets: None

Next planning to watch: Black Panther (obviously)

Next planning to play: Shoujo City

Next planning to read: Some Japanese fiction

Next planning to party: Never

Next planning to buy: An alarm clock, something for Mother’s Day (help!), and trainers that don’t crush my toes

Next planning to eat: Something involving glass noodles

Likes: Blunt honesty; playful roasting/teasing/insulting; being emotionally vulnerable (ie knowing my thoughts, character, flaws, contradictions, and still wanting to talk); being a good listener; curiosity; generally not being serious (apart from when it’s time to be serious)

Dislikes: Lack of honest communication; celery

Age preference:  18+

Contact:  glutenfreesayaka @ gmail .com

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