Well hello! I’m Anna (or you can call me Anička), I’m 19 y.o. girl from Slovakia (you maybe heard of my country in the past few days), who graduates this year. 

I speak Slovak (obviously), English, and little bit French^^ Trying to learn Korean and Japanese!

I’m looking someone 17-21,

who wants to chat with me, even send some packages and just talk to me about anything! ^^


  • animei can watch almost any anime, even tho I don’t have much time for it now because I’m ending high school
  • kpop: my favourite band is GOT7 (hoping to see them this July!) but I also like EXO, BTS, Monsta X, NCT 127, AKMU… There are so many bands, I listen to whatever I like even if it’s not kpop, my phone is full of japanese songs, songs from soundtracks (Life is Strange Soundtrack is my favourite!)
  • culture: I really love talking about different cultures, it doesn’t matter if you talk to me about how hard is living in your country or what food you have in supermarket, I’m truly curious about knowing the everyday life ^_^
  • books: I read, not often these last years, but the only thing I can’t understand is poetry, I just never find anything behind it.. but if you like it, talk to me about it ^^ My favourite books are scifi or just books from everyday life (not a big fan of romance tho)
  • dancing: I started dancing again this September, and I’m still a trying potato, but I like it and I also love to see the imrpvements body can make in a few months!
  • I also love sleeping and eating, I’m more introverted, don’t like to go outside to much, but I can write a lot!

But I’m mostly your average teen girl, even tho I’m not that obsessed with kpop and anime, and I lead a normal conversation without these topics too! I also want to study korean next year on uni, to accomplish my dream of learning korean, chinese and japanese and be a translator!


  • People, who are racist, homofobic (you can be disliking LGBT, but please, if you do, be respectful to others, everyone have their opinions, so as long as you respect mine, I respect yours^^), also I’m not a big fan of politics.

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