Hey! ✌?

Name: Louise
Age: 20 (turning 21)
Location: Sweden ??

About: I’m a teacher-to-be studying at Lund’s University in Sweden! The goal is to teach both highschool English and Spanish. My mother tongue is English and I am 50% Swedish and 50% Portuguese – it’s confusing, I know.
Me: I’m an easygoing and talkative person. I may be a bit sarcastic and joke a bit but I am also a very emotional person and I will always be ready to chat about absolutely anything.
Interests: I love to read (anything and everything!), paint, I love music, food, art, traveling, painfully bad jokes, going to IKEA, Mrs. Brown’s Boys (if you’re familiar with the show then you’re familiar with my sense of humor), etc.

I’m looking for a new pen-pal! I have several friends who have met incredible people through Tumblr and it sounded great so I thought I’d give it a shot. If you’re honest, caring, and a bit sarcastic, well, then you’re probably absolutely fantastic and it’d be cool to get to know you!
Email: analouise96@gmail.com
Tumblr: @grab-my-hand-and-run

(However, I will say that if you are homophobic/racist/Trump supporter/Castro or Che Guevara supporter, then this is not the friendship you’re looking for.)

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