You, me and lovely letters <3


Name: Sarah

Age: 22

Country: Germany


Hello snail mail friends ♥

Just a little girl from Germany that studies social work and is totally obsessed with foxes, tea, coffee and everything cute & fluffy. (Like that little girl from despicable me and her unicorn :’D)

I love writing and practicing it since I’m 11 years old and I was in different classes about creative writing. God, that’s so much fun! I love writing rp, fanfictions, own stuff and much more. I read Manga since I’m 8 and my first was… uhm… Shaman King… I think xD
I love books (reading is so important to me :’D. At the moment I read ‘The Mortal Instruments’ – love malec omg – and ‘Demian’ from Hermann Hesse. My favorite book is ‘Aristotle and Dante discover the secrets of the universe’ /D ) and many tv shows (like Hannibal, AHS, Teen Wolf, Sherlock, Bates Motel, TWD, HTGAWM, Shadowhunters and so on). Also I’m absolutely into K-Pop (like BTS, BIGBANG, B.A.P., G-Dragon) (but still a newbie and curious about new bands and shows!),  music (like BMTH, Asking Alexandria, Fever Ray, Samsas Traum, NF, Annisokay, In This Moment, Being As An Ocean, Halsey, Hollywood Undead and so on) and fandom related stuff. I’m a tumblr girl and like any fangirl I have too many ships I’m in love with. Shame on me xD

Also I’m vegan and love cooking recipes from all over the world. You have some stuff I should try? Show meee ♥ I think that other cultures and languages (I just started learning Korean… so… do you learn Korean too? We can learn together, this could be fun! :D) are so interesting and I’m open minded to learn many new things!
My friends describe me as a Gothic-Hippie-Girly-Geeky-Whatever mix and I think that’s very accurate xD
I think a lot about humans, the world, ghosts (What’s about zombies? Omg. Zombies!) and more strange stuff. And yeah… I can’t even play a video game or watch a movie without crying. I’m an emotional-whatever-fluffy-fox xD

I’m always happy to find a person who wants to exchange cute, freaky and awesome letters with me ♥

What I love about letters is the personality. How others write and what they write and with what things they are surprising you. What they tell me. I love long conversations about same hobbies, or just daily stuff. I think it’s interesting what’s up in other people’s lives. What they think, what they dream and what they wanna do. I think there can be so much love in a little piece of paper and that’s… yeah… that’s fantastic. I’m a dreamer… I love people and strong friendships and I have found such good friends through writing … that’s kind of Magic.

I don’t prefer any gender or sexuality as long as we have some things in common and get along with each other! This is the most important thing ♥ I would prefer people between the age of 16 and 28 🙂
Let’s start this journey together and maybe we become friends with a strong and beautiful connection x3 

So… write me a message (on my Tumblr) ♡ I don’t bite :3

Sarah ♥

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