Hi there ! C:

My name is Michelle and I’m from Los Angeles, California.

I am 22 years old and am currently working full-time at a European art museum & at a Roman/Greek museum in Malibu. I really love anything having to do with arts and the outdoors (I like to read, work with arts/crafts, and binge watch shows on Netflix as well). I love taking little road trips along the coast and nearby states. I’d be interested in writing snail mail to anybody who isn’t in Los Angeles. We could write and talk about anything at all from politics-TV shows-books-art-music-exchange postcards…really…..anything at all.

I consider myself both introvert and extrovert { I love relaxing at home and having time to myself & love going out too } I’m friendly and outgoing and am just basically hoping to gain friendships from all over the globe. If anyone is willing to befriend me just send me a message on my tumblr or shoot me an e-mail at : michymichelle1994@hotmail.com

Thanks for reading !

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