Hey there.
My name is Jordan, I’m 23 years old, and I live in the states, Virginia to be exact.
I am a girl l, thanks mom for the ambiguous name. 

I’m at university right now studying women’s studies, gender, and sexuality. I’m a writer for a local magazine and graduating this summer, then I’m off to New York. But for right now I am a bartender which means I stay up late and drink too much.
 I have a couple of music favorites, my number one is Ed Sheeran. I absolutely adore his music. Vinyl has to be one of my favorite mediums for music. Depending on the album it makes me feel like I’m in an old horror movie. I’ve been into Jonny Craig, Slaves, James Bay, and This Wild Life recently. I also have my One Direction guilty pleasures. 
I love to read but honestly I haven’t read a good book in so long. All I read now are textbooks (story of my life).
A few likes from me : binge watching TV shows (New Girl and Always Sunny in Philadelphia are my favorites), collecting tattoos, overpowering feminist rants, people watching, listening to musical soundtracks, listening to podcasts, weekend trips to NYC, and cuddling with my puppy and my kitty ( their names are Nora and Luna, odds are you will get at least one photo of them if we decide to do snail mail). 
I am resubmitting my post because I moved and kind of lost contact with all of my pen pals. Male or female doesn’t matter, anywhere in the world is not an issue either. I would like for the person to be at least 18- 26. You can email me at Jcmichelle21 @ gmail. com

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