My name’s Amanda and I recently turned 25. I live in Kansas and love it, after spending 20 of my years in Alaska. I am nearly finished with vet tech school, have two dogs, recently purchased a house, and like with my fiance, who is just as weird, creative, and crazy as I am. I love to read, watch more tv and movies than I’d like, and love anything that gets me outdoors (except sports). I spend much of my free time creating things (art, home stuff, decorations etc). I am atheist, love Halloween and all things scary and mysterious, and love to hear and share neat stories.

I am pretty open minded, so I don’t care if you are a different religion, orientation, gender, etc, I just ask for the same level of tolerance. I am mainly looking for someone who wants to talk about their live, the things they experience, their crazy stories and bad choices, and dreams and hopes and fears. I’d prefer in the U.S. since I have an overseas penpal and it does get a little spendy, but if I sound like a good match and we hit it off, I’d definitely be up for writing to places elsewhere.

I don’t actually have a tumblr, so you’ll have to write me at fisher.vet@hotmail.com if you’d like!

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