My name is Charlie, i’m 17 and from London, I currently work full time. I was studying art last year at college. I am currently looking for more friends to exchange snail mail with.
I’m a huge fan of crime shows like CSI, Criminal minds, Bones and films like Zodiac, panic room, etc. I also love Drama & comedy series like the inbetweeners, skins, new girl, IT crowd, bobs burgers and lots more.  Rom coms are another genre of film i really enjoy and i still love to watch childhood favourites.
My main passions are art, travel and music. 
I love to draw and paint but have been struggling to get back into it lately. I’ve briefly been trying to practice portraiture. 
I love to travel, I haven’t very much but hope to a lot more. At the moment I’ve been visiting cities around the UK but hope to travel around Europe next year or whenever I can! I’d really love to see and try new things as well as meet new people. 
I listen to music all the time and love making playlists and listening to new stuff. I frequent concerts and it’s something that makes me very happy. I love rock, pop, indie and metal mostly. 
Recently I have started getting into reading again! I really love fiction books, I just love seeing a story fold out. A few of my favourites have been ‘my name is mina’, ‘the book of lost things’, ‘wonder’, ‘white crow’ and i am currently reading ‘oranges are not the only fruit’. 
I hope this helps you get to know me a little better and I am really looking forward to any replies!
Please contact me through my tumblr OR email:

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