Hey guys!


So, my name’s Lisa, I’m 18 and I live in Germany. I’m going to graduate high-school next year and then I want to go to university:)

I spend my day pretending to learn but instead i loooove to spend time on social media, watching netflix, listening to music or napping. My favourite shows are shadow hunters, vampire diaries, grimm, of course 13 reasons and a lot others. And I also have too many favourite movies, eg Transformers, Deadpool, several Disney movies, fifty shades, the space between us,…  I’m absolutely a dog-person and proud to be a dog-owner. But this does not mean just because you’re a cat-person you can’t contact me!:)

I don’t have any siblings and neither much friends, so I’m looking forward meeting new people from all over the world!:)

I don’t have much preferences, maybe someone around my age (16/17-23). I dont care from wich country you are, but England, Australia or USA would be cool! I’m trying to improve my english and thats the only language I sepak (except german of course). Maybe i could also help someone whos learning german.

I know many prefer sending letters, and this would be no problem for me too, but we could also write on Whatsapp, Instagram, Tumblr, etc.

Feel free to text me, I’d be great, finding a penpal here!:)


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