Lonely and looking for some pals


Heyo, I’m a 17 y/o student from Finland who recently started at a new school and has 0 friends irl at the moment. You can hmu even if we share no common interests (even though that’s pretty unlikely) since I always like meeting new people!

A bit about myself:

-I’m hugely into music and would really like to get to know someone who shares my passion. Any era or genre goes for me, be it the 60’s or 00’s, intelligent dance music or avant-garde. My favourite bands/artists at the moment include: The Mars Volta, Comus, King Gizzard, Kate Bush, Nomeansno, Syd Barret and Foetus. So yeah if you’re into music we could just talk about it or share new bands, etc.

-Drawing and art in general has been one of my biggest passions since forever. Would like to meet some art buddies too!

-I’m also a bit of a movie nerd and have too many favourites to name (and don’t want this post to get way too long lol)

-I’ve seen wayy too many anime too. At this point you might’ve guessed that I don’t go out too much haha.

So yeah if you’re interested, hmu either at mistaleeonparas@gmail.com or on discord (Mistalee#3988) if you prefer that.

Oh and although I don’t really care about age, I’d still prefer it if you were under 20 😀

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