I’m Bree. I’m 20 years young! I’m from the US and I’m feeling more free and more me than anytime before. I am obsessed with writing letters and here lately all of my pen pals have strayed, unfortunately. So I’m looking to find some new ones!

For starters, I’m into anything artsy! I specialize in crocheting but I would love to learn pottery and sewing as well. ❣️

I’m obsessed with dogs. They’re my favorite. I prefer tea over coffee and love funny movies!

I love everything simple and I consider myself a minimalist! My favorite color is purple but lately I’ve been way too attracted to yellow!

I love being where the water is (even though I’ve never seen a beach yet. ☹️)

I’m truly in love with the simple things in life and would love to share with someone else!

I would love to chat with someone between 18-23 and female preferably!

My email is: kessansb@gmail.com
And my tumblr is kessansb.tumblr.com

Salut! And hope to hear from you soon!

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