I am Stephie




Living in

Major is
film & television
Hoping to get masters in cultural studies emphasis in media concentration

I am passionate about photography and film. I am a very adventurous, optimistic, charismatic, and extremely open-minded type of gal. I love learning new things and listening to stories. I love to travel, write, and do running. I am an activist and I believe everyone is equal and love & peace should be spread all around.

I am interested in meeting people around the world, in my home state, or other states. Learn new cultures and experiences. Making new friends that I can talk to about life and talk about our interests.

  • Film I am interested in: scifi, romance, action, drama, indie.
    • Fave movies: Dr. Strangelove, Breathless, Wonder Woman, Baby Driver, Lord of the Rings trilogy
  • Music I am interested in: indie, rock/alternative, hip-hop, Latin, synthpop.
  • Tv shows: comedy, drama.
  • I am a geek thus I am into geek culture. 
    • Harry Potter, Game of Thrones, Sailor Moon, Comics, and etc!! 
    • I am into memes as well, lol.

Feel free to contact me 🙂
Instagram: stephiearoses

: downhazelstreet.tumblr.com/

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