sup i’m courty i’m 18 and i never fuckin learned how to attract new people! 

no really, i’m not sure how to do this so i’ll just uh. go over some basics. i live in the united states, i’m a college student, and my bank account is usually crying with me. 

i love fashion, history, poetry, and art, though i’m pretty lousy at the last two. i am in love with love and will talk about it for hours on end until you feel like you have to send me flowers (which is accepted btw).

what i’m hoping for in a pen pal is a friend. a long-term friend that i will never meet, but will always be there. i have a lot of stationary and recently [pseudo] perfected calligraphy, so i’m dying to show off my [pseudo] skills.

if you’re not comfortable shooting straight into snail mail that’s fine; i don’t mind exchanging a few emails here and there so long as you want to switch to snail mail eventually. 

email me if you’re interested, or message me on here! 

email: taylor.courty@gmail.com

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