My name is Luna and I’m 25 years old. I have been writing letters for the past 2 years and have made some wicked awesome friends. Along the way I lost several as well but, I have been wanting to make more friendships.

What I’m passionate about: Painting and drawing, I love the emotional connection of art and how it makes me feel. The deepness of paint strokes evokes a meditation. As well as poems, I love to write cosmic poems about life and the struggles I’ve been through.

☆☆ Extra:

  • Taking nature walks along the forest
  • Herbalism (Big plus if you can share some ideas)
  • Listening to Celtic music and Classical
  • Photography of planets and changes of the weather
  • Searching up meanings of moon phases+ you know witchey stuff +
  • Handmade dolls and dream catchers
  • I look up a lot of tiny home ideas, earthships and hippie love rules.
  • One day I would love to live in a earth-ship with a community garden all around me and kind souls
  • I garden during the summer and love to write about psychology with human behavior, the reasons we exist

Plus snail-mail ! I love writing about where I live and what I inspire to become. Learning about culture, beliefs, adventures is exciting. I’m hoping to meet more people who are open-minded, love to write a lot and who wouldn’t mind sending me messages before we start sending mail. 🙂 

Pref: Lovely Souls from the U.S.A  if not its fine too

We can send each-other cute drawings, pretty letters,art and pressed flowers.

Please DM me
so we can get to know each other

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