Hello everyone! My name is Becca and I am currently living in Indiana, USA (basically the middle of nowhere because that’s all Indiana is). I’m 23 years old and I will be starting medical school next year so I guess that’s a fun fact about me!

I was a German major in college and would am currently learning Spanish! I love travelling, when I have the money for it, and am planning a trip currently (always optimistic!). I’m currently taking a gap year before medical school and am working as a medical scribe. 

  • Some likes: reading (100%), listening to music, and knitting. I also ride horses, and love all other animals (I’ve got 2 cats as well). I love watching TV, specifically Outlander, Grey’s, American Horror Story, and Parks and Rec. 

What I’m searching for: I’m looking for a penpal who speaks either Spanish or German, and we would preferably start with email, or even through tumblr, and then move to good ol’ snail mail! I would prefer 20-whatever age, but probably closer to my age! Anywhere internationally or nationally is fine with me!

My email is: becca.penpal @
(yes I set it up specifically for this!)

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