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Hi ! I’m Venky, 27 yo.

I live in India. Well to say about myself, I’m an Introvert and Pisces guy so you could match all the Pisces natures and i have always realised those descriptions about a Pisces sign is very exact on most of the terms how i am and how i live.

  • Interests – I love Art , Music ♪, and for the most i Love is to Love♥. I love People who have the pure Heart, I love Family that is filled with Love, I love People who Love, I love Emotions and Human Feelings, I could go on typing things like this, Because There is Mostly nothing i do not love, I Do Not Hate anything so easily because i know every single life in this world deserves love and i know how much it is painful being in the need of Love. And that is it, My interests is almost over, haha I know you may feel what ? only these 3 ? Yes only these 3 are the most interesting things in my life and i feel these 3 delightful things are the most important elements to be enjoyed and lived with in anyone’s life.
  • Yes i do watch some Movies and TV shows etc etc but specially i don’t have any preference i watch anything that has something to do with the three things i mentioned earlier as my interests.
    • I like Romantic♥ , Family , Thriller Movies and TV Shows too. And i like to watch Videos in YouTube which displays Love and Affection and I literally like to shred tears seeing how sweet being loved or someone to show love is. 
    • Example – LDR BF and GF meeting after longtime, husband surprising and his wife’s reaction, Running, Jumping and Hugging, OMG i am getting goosebumps when i am just typing all these.☺♥
  • Well when it comes to Music I mostly listen to Instrumentals and Anything that is classic and before 95 is the music that may turn me on, I am really sorry i was never updated to any latest and current music albums or artists. And i do listen to most of regional artists and albums so when it comes to English there is only 3 – Bryan Adams♥ ( I would listen all day ) , John Lennon, And Celine Dion.♥☺
  • Okay i think my interests words are growing too much and i would have bored you already. I am saving other discussions for our actual chats.

Perfect Pen Pal – Preferably My opposite Sex which means – A Female and Obviously 20+ at least, Anywhere from the world, Unless you know English because the only International Language i know is English. I would be really excited if i could hear from any female friend from India too, I Don’t know if i would be that lucky. Well I love to know people from other countries so i could get to know them and their lifestyle places culture etc. I am not so comfortable for Snail Mail because i don’t even know if i could do that from my place so easily to any other country.

So i prefer Online, Email, Tumblr, Whats app, or anything we can try it out after we get to know each other better. First i would like to start with tumblr messenger of course and if we are okay we could jump to whats-app.

I would prefer someone who is mostly active Please, Not like once in a week sending few texts and we talk after long time. I really need a Best friend who could be there and support and share her daily activities and stuffs and discuss lots of things more often, And preferably someone who would like to share and receive pictures and videos without being judgemental and really share with interests and involvement in the relationship.☺

Huff….. !!! I guess i bored you a lot. But Sorry this is what is Me, By reading this you could have guessed How much annoying and a leech i would be on you if i really like and love you and get close with you. Haha so be careful and take the decision of contacting me with caution …☺

In spite of all this if you are still having a smile and liking all the nonsense i spoke and felt interesting, then you are too living the same small world i’m in and we would surely contact easily just check my tumblr and reach me in Ask or Tumblr Message Me. ☺

My Tumblr

Have A Happy Life. ☺♥

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