Hey! I’m Val, 22 years old and I’m from Russia.
I’m not really confident about posting a photo with my whole face on it, so yeah, that’s the old photo of my eye.

So, I’m looking for a friend. I’m not really a social person – not because it’s too scary for me or too hard, but because I’ve felt alienated from everyone since my childhood. Still don’t know what the reason is but even if I have a lot of common things with a person, nobody really sticks around. I’d guess my personality is not so shining, but I’m really trying not to be annoying or make everything in friendship about me (that’s probably why there’s so many “I” in this submission already huh). I have a partner though, so it’s possible some people still can bear with me if this somehow happened…

Pottermore claims I am a Slytherin, so… that says a lot.
I like the usual things – music, movies and TV shows, some anime, videogames. There were books somewhere too, but adult life is hard with all these adult stuff, so I don’t read as much as in my teenage years. I’m interested in technology, I’m a web-developer and currently trying to build a little HTML5 game.
I often watch and listen to some stuff from 90’s and 00’s, I like to feel nostalgic sometimes.
In terms of anime I’m kinda into old-school and stuff from 2000’s is more my kind of thing. A big fan of Bioware games and Fallout New Vegas, so that’s that. My favorite shows are One Day at a Time, The Magicians, The Good Place, How to get away with murder, GoT, Grace and Frankie.
Oh, also. Three words. Rupaul’s Drag Race.

I don’t really have a perfect pen-pal in my mind, but I have a couple of wishes though.
I don’t think we’ll click if you are sexist/racist/transphobic/homophobic or if you have problems with people who have mental health issues. If you’re a member of LGBTQ+ community, that would be a huge plus (I am a non-binary person). And of course, you should be 20+.
No snail mail, because I suck in this (plus Russian mail is a real snail). I prefer texting in whatever messenger you would like.
I’d like to have a real best friend for years (go big or go home), so if you just want some company for an evening or two I’m probably not your option.

If you’d like to chat, message me on Tumblr (irulethisbed).

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