Honestly this is my first time ever to submit to a penpal account though i’d give myself a shot.

I’m Zahra, will be 19 in less than a month, from Indonesia. I’m Indonesian/Chinese. I speak Indonesian (obviously) and i think i can speak English pretty well, hence grammar and slangs, and a bit of Spanish and Arabic. I’m not here to look for a date but i’m single. Soon will be taking major in English literature or creative art. Was taking architecture before I finally decided to resign.

Food: mac n cheese, chicken nuggets
Genre/artists: i listen to many genres but mainly pop, whatever-indie, rnb, one direction, sam smith, lorde, tove styrke, imagine dragons, jaden smith, rich brian, hayley kiyoko, drake, khalid, and so many more
Tv show: the flash, marvel’s runaways, new girl, riverdale, ahs (im open to any recommendations!)
Movies: i cant remember many titles but the maze runner, harry potter, john green movies, call me by your name, and the odd life of timothy green – would bring me to tears
Color: all the shades you can see in the ocean, and gray
Activities: dancing, singing, playing guitar, watch youtube, listen to podcast or spotify, swimming, read memes, play fallout 4 and the sims

My preferences:
– age 16-24, any gender, from anywhere, as long as not a racist, islamophobic, and homophobic.
– E-mail, snail mail (im looking forward to swap packages), imessage, instagram DM, whatsapp. Good, consistent conversations first before swapping more personal informations.

If anyone would be interested to be friends with me, please DM me on my tumblr @idealistbitc or my instagram @zahrazey 🙂

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