Im Ish. I’m a 20 yr old psych major. Im nonbinary, gay, and I live in the US pacific northwest 

All my friends live with me now (lol, we’re all queer so we’re obliged to stick together I guess) and I really want to write to someone!

I don’t want it to be a generic letter type convo of “how do u do” and so on (just so you know what you’d be getting w/ me). I wanna write abstractly; I have a lot of issues with literal word use so this is IDEAL, lol. Preferably someone who would love to respond in poems or terrible fried memes or something??

I love poetry and creative writing, drawing, social justice, abstract art/humor, biology, complaining (abt being broke mostly lol), vulture culture, dissociating (ha). 

music tastes: Death Grips, BROCKHAMPTON, Little Dragon, Perturbator
general intersts: The Adventure Zone, Avatar the Last Avatar, Star Trek, Studio Ghibli

hmu @ –>
and if you’re 18 or older at –>

(ps, I have a lot of mental health problems, so if i seem flaky or unresponsive at times I apologize<3)

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