You can call me “Sha” as I don’t give my real name easily, 23, female, I live somewhere in Asia. I’m an introvert but can be very talkative if I’m comfortable enough. I consider myself as a clingy person, if I say you’re my friend it’s true, cross my heart.
About me:
Rick Riordan books are awesome
Percy Jackson, Magnus Chase
I love to cook (but don’t have time to do it lately)
Bruno Mars
I prefer doing the laundry
I love funny memes
Slapstick comedy is the best
Any articles about History, Science and Art catches my attention
I’m sensitive inside putting up a brave face
I don’t settle with one genre in Music
I can be timid and naive sometimes
I’m extremely patient

What i don’t like:
Horror movies
An airhead
Snails, worms
Mirrors at night
People cursing on a regular basis
People shaming other people
Slow internet
Rude people

You can chat me here on Tumblr:
da-flan-blog is my username
I prefer chatting someone 20-25 yrs old. I only do chat, asking for more personal infos is impossible, until we became close. Anyone is fine either their from LGBTQ or just another anonymous person here in internet. I value respect a lot.

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