Hello! My nickname is A! (As far as you know for now ?) and I’m 17 ☺️
I have Autism, and I’m SUPER into theatre ? and Linguistics! (I even have a letterman for theatre, which is pretty hard to get at my school so only two others have one?)
I LOVE classical music, alternative music, and Indie music ? ! I’m near fluent in ASL, and I’m trying to learn Arabic and BSL ?! I’m studying German and French and Spanish, but don’t have the intentions of becoming fluent?. I love writing,✍️poetry, and reading, ? and especially I’ll say making art! ?????
I love learning about other’s cultures, and although I’m Christian, I’d love to hear about other religions! I also have a strong passion for disability activism, and just activism for minorities in general ❤️☺️!
I’m a bit of an anarchist, and I lean a bit more towards the liberal/moderate side, so I’m very all inclusive ?! (There’s no room for hate here!!!) I’d love to have an ASL FaceTime ? buddy! And someone to snail mail ? and send packages ? to!! ❤️ My only preferences are 16-20 in age, any gender, but you have to be open minded and be cool with snail mail! I’d LOVE LOVE LOVE for it to be someone from another country, but if you’re from the U.S., it’s totally cool!!! ❤️❤️❤️

Hope to hear from someone soon! ?

Contact me at:

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