Seeking a friend/penpal!


Hi! My (nick)name is Lu and I’m from Tennessee in the US. I’m a 21 year old female. I’m looking for people to make meaningful friendships with! I’m INFJ, so I’m an extremely empathetic person and I love talking to and getting to know people. I’m here if you want to chat about your day, vent, or even just tell your whole life story. I have a completely open heart and mind.

  • Fav movies: pretty much anything by Wes Anderson, Submarine, Scott Pilgrim vs The World, Howl’s Moving Castle, Spirited Away, and lots of Disney movies
  • Fav shows: Parks and Rec, The Office, Adventure Time, Steven Universe, Lost, Rick and Morty, Game of Thrones
  • Music: kpop is my favorite, but I listen to a whole mix of stuff. I’m always open to recommendations.
  • My other interests are YouTube, video games, journaling, readinfg/writing, plants, animals, admiring other people’s art (since I’m bad at it), and learning about other people and cultures.
  • Random fact: I love anything to do with the paranormal, cryptids, and strange/random facts.

I’m game for online communication, snail mail, or both. I can talk just about anytime, unless I’m asleep or at work (even then I have breaks in which I can talk). Age doesn’t really matter, and any gender, religion, race, sexuality, location, etc are fine with me. Just be a kind person and don’t be homophobic/racist/sexist, etc. I really want to form deep and meaningful friendships.

Email: seventeensofties @
(I’m always signed in here so I will see your message if you send it this way) (non-kpop but I’m not always signed on)

I’m happy to share Instagram/Snapchat once we know each other.

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