I’m Anne, 19 years old, Russia.

I’ve never have a pan pal before but always wanted to try. I’m a 2nd year student of Uni and I’m going to US this summer so I guess it’s time to improve my English.

I’m open-minded and very easy-going person, so if you wanna talk about everything u can imagine and find out if we have any bears walking along the streets or break down the stereotype about everyone is homophobic in Russia (totally false), feel free to drop me, haha

I’m kinda keen on music so I don’t have fave genre but I surely put MCR, Imagine Dragons and Oasis on the top of my own chart. Also BFMV, Calliban, Keaton Henson, the Kooks, tøp and of course many russian groups which you brobably don’t know 😀

Tv-shows: Stranger Things, Peaky Blinders, GoT, Merlin, Skins, DW, Shameless, the Walking Dead, Glee, In the Flash, Twin Peaks, Skam, Lost, Teen Wolf and so much more, I could talk about it endlessly.

I’d prefer someone around my age but tbh it doesn’t matter at all. For the first time I’d like to talk on Instagram/e-mail/twitter and to do a snail mail only when we both feel free to do it and know something about each other.

e-mail: gorustovichh@gmail.com
insta: anremedee

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