Hi 🙂 I’m Adrian!! I’m turning 21 this month and I’m from Ontario, Canada. I’m female (most people guess I’m a guy when they see my name) and to kill the time I love music- the 1975, Arctic Monkeys, Pierce the Veil, Allie X, Bastille, Billie Eilish, Nicole Dollanganger, Marina and the Diamonds, Lana Del Rey etc, binging netflix, your standard social media sites, reading, and writing short stories. I struggle with anxiety and depression, which has always made having an “irl” social life kind of complicated, but snailmail penpals always seemed like such an amazing concept & something I could have a lot of fun with and actually meet some cool new people! (Well, not actually meet, but you know what i mean) I’ll leave some links below if anyone wants to get in touch 🙂 

Insta- princessadriann

tumblr- princessadrigirl

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