Hello fellow humans

My name is Anna and I just turned 18 (oh my word an I unprepared for adulthood) 

Here are a few things I enjoy

  • Tv shows/ Movies: on but like I can quote every episode of the office and I am so unashamed. 
  • Food: I mean what’s there to say. Food is the bomb digity. 
  • Twenty one pilots: where’s the new music tho?

Here are some dislikes

  • Mushroom: just nasty ass looking plant things. No thanks.
  • Judgy people. I hate that shit. Get it outa my face. 
  • Cookies: I’m not sure why, I just cannot eat cookies and it baffles me. 

If you feel a connect through this wonderful post then feel free to contact me. I love love snail mail but am also down for just some kind of messaging.

Annaklassen200 @ gmail . com
Ig: annaa.klassen
Snap: Anaoki_123

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