I’m 21 years old, & I’m a very creative person who enjoys spending my free time at the library, or the mall to give myself some me time. I’m really interested in discussing social issues, music, & analyzing things. I’m very chill, & laid-back, & an introvert who’s kind of a homebody & a bit of a loner, but I try to meet & befriend new people to fill that void. I’m very reserved, & closed off because of bad experiences I’ve had in my life, but once I open up a bit, I’m a very carefree person, & a little weird, but that’s okay right? I love Kpop too, so you should talk to me if you’re into that, so we can bond.

Instagram: @NaliSaio
Twitter: @Butterfly070396
Snapchat: VeenaVeena
Tumblr: VeenaWasHere

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