Hello! My name is Victoria , I am 21 years old.Bisexual. Mexican american. Chicana. I was born and raised in Texas. I am happily married his name is Kyle he is native american.

  • I enjoy painting and sketching. 
  • i am obsessed with elephants, pineapples,harry potter and cats and dogs. I have anxiety it gets really bad sometimes.  
    • So ive decided to take control and as of now meds and smoking w*** has helped. 
  • I studying go be a veterinarian or a vet technician. 
    • I own 2 cats 3 dogsthey are my life
  • I have two tattoos they are meaningful but were scary in the moment.
  • I love movies, all the marvel films and comedies and romantic comedies.
  • I like arts and crafts painting drawing.
  • I love netflix and hulu they are life.
  • I like gardening in my spare time.
  • I like makeup i have a vast collection of pallets. 
  • I enjoy going to the gym and creating workouts. 
  • I love French bulldogs and pineapples just random things i like it

I’m interested in finding a pen pal with similar interests or maybe someone who is the complete opposite. Please let me know if you are interested?

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