Looking for a penpal! Hi, I’m Toney! I’m 19 and from Ontario, Canada. 

I’m on a gap year between high school grad and starting college to become a Personal Support Worker. I’m looking for a penpal to send snail mail to, and Tumblr message now and then.


  • Art, I’m a digital artist in my spare time. Guaranteed any letters I send will be decorated lol
  • Houseplants, I have a growing collection. (Okay more like an adfiction) My cactuses are my smol green babies.
  • Pets, I live with my boyfriend and together we have 1 cat (a new kitten in March though), 1 dog and 4 fish. If my penpal wants to send pet pics back and forth, I would love it.
  • Music, my music taste is eclectic at best. I like soft music like the paper kites, but also punk music like Pennywise, Swedish Doom Metal band Ghost is a favourite of mine. The Tragically hip is my guilty pleasure.
  • Gaming, I recently finished Stardew Valley and started Overwatch. Still new at it but I’m loving it so far.


  • Pushy, toxic people.
  • Being bored
  • Getting drooled on by my dog (or anything else for that matter. Seriously though he needs to stahp)
  • When baking takes too long and I’m hungry

What I’m looking for in a penpal

  • Overall I’m not too picky. Can be any gender, nationality etc… 
  • I prefer that they be somewhere between 17-22 but it’s flexible as long as we get along. 
  • I would love to do snail mail as frequently as possible, while chatting every now and then on Tumblr. Would love someone who would like to become good friends.
  • As a heads up, I do have anxiety so I may come off a bit awkward at first but I tend to get better as I warm up to you.

To get a hold of me, my Tumblr is


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