Hello sunshine!  I’m Katherine (or Katie, whichever you prefer to call me), I’m 17, and I live in the southern United States. I’m a high school senior that’s looking to make some amazing friends! 

I’m a pretty big introvert and I have all of the anxiety in the world (which explains why I’m looking for friends on Tumblr). I spend about 90% of my time daydreaming. 

I’m actually a mess that just really loves long late-night walks, flowers, space, architecture, animals, and chicken nugs. 

I’m also really into reading, alternative music, creative writing, musicals/theater performances, powerlifting, soccer, history, horror/creepy stuff, and Netflix (but that’s a given isn’t it?)

Ahh here’s a few other things about me?

  • I play guitar and piano (I attempt to sing, but I wasn’t blessed with a good singing voice…but that doesn’t stop me from singing)
  • I write short stories featuring my best friends as the characters
  • I have the most amazing cat in the world named Odysseus
  • I drink so much tea I could be British (please don’t be offended, it’s just a joke)
  • Spring is my favorite season
  • Spotify is my best friend and I occasionally get lost in it when I’m looking for new songs and bands
  • I’m obsessed with vinyl records and I’ve got over 300 of them


I’m really looking for a pen pal, but an internet pal would be just as awesome! Maybe we could Kik or text or call each other sometime too…that would be rad. I don’t care about gender/sexuality/race/age etc etc etc, just be a kind person and don’t be a grump if I send you memes when I’m bored. 

Best ways to contact me:
Email: greekromanictragedy @

Have a night day/night/evening/whatever it is where you are!


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