Name: Eileen

Age: 21

Gender: F

Language(s): English, Spanish, and a bit of japanese 

Location: Mexico

Interests & hobbies: I’m interested in traveling and learning about different cultures as well as learning new languages. I enjoy various TV series such as Parks and rec, Game of thrones, Empire, How to get away with murder, Orange is the new black, etc. I’m also a fan of anime and manga. I like listening to music don’t really have a favorite genre pretty much listen to anything i like, also interested in martial arts, other things i like would include animals, writing, sweets, rainy days, plushies. 

What i wish for in a pen pal: Any gender or country is fine, as for age 20+. I would like the friendship to be long term but short term is fine as well, Both email and snail mail is fine, honestly i’ve never tried doing snail mail before i think it would be an interesting and fun experience. Really would like to get to meet new people and this seems like a good way. I’m quite a shy person so sorry if im akward at first, trying to get out of my comfort zone. 🙂 

How to contact me:

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